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Are you interested in supporting our work or starting a sponsorship? Would you like to work with us or make a donation as a company? Want to know how much money reaches people on the ground and how high our fundraising expenses are? On this page you’ll find all the relevant information about how you can help.

Our themed sponsorships: four topics – one goal

The Salvation Army has a wide range of sponsorships. Whether it’s for clean drinking water, knowledge and education in Haiti, children and families or education worldwide, a sponsorship provides ongoing and sustainable help.
In total, our themed sponsorships are improving the living conditions of more than 40,000 children and adults around the world and allow them to live a dignified life.


Children and families

Hope and security for children and families

Worldwide, The Salvation Army supports children from difficult social backgrounds. However, it also offers necessary assistance to families living in poverty. Parents receive counselling so that they can give their children a sense of security. Extracurricular activities and training make the children fit for everyday life. Children and adolescents who can no longer live with their parents or have no parents at all find a home in one of the Salvation Army's numerous children's homes.
Whether the Joyville girls' home in the Philippines or the CIFAV youth centre in Brazil - Salvation Army institutions give children and their families new hope.


Knowledge and education in Haiti

Going to school for a better future

In Haiti, The Salvation Army runs 46 schools for more than 10,000 children and thus makes an important contribution to the education of the Haitian population. The Salvation Army's thematic sponsorship supports 22 of these schools in particular children by expanding, repairing and maintaining the buildings, with the salaries and further training of teachers as well as with the development and purchase of teaching materials and school books.
Specific courses strengthen the educational skills of parents for the benefit of their children, improve food security and increase income. The Salvation Army schools also promote equal opportunities for girls and boys.

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Education worldwide

A future with prospects thanks to education

Education is a human right. Without basic education, it is hardly possible for someone to support themselves later on. Often, however, parents cannot afford the school fees for their children or the children are excluded from education due to a physical impairment. The Salvation Army's education projects cover the costs of building and running their own schools and institutions. In this way, The Salvation Army gives children and young people a good start in life.
Only through education can they later become part of society and are protected from exclusion.


Clean water for Africa

Water, toilets and improved sanitation: WASH

In the past, people in the villages had to walk for kilometres to get water - often of poor quality. The WASH projects include groundwater pumps, rainwater harvesting equipment, new water reservoirs and distribution systems. In addition, the projects provide hygienic toilets at schools, and community gardens improve food security. WASH stands for water, sanitation and health.
The Salvation Army implements WASH projects in three countries in south-eastern Africa: Kenya, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect as a sponsor?

As a sponsor, you want to know how your donation is being used. You will receive a progress report about your themed sponsorship once a year as well as the Annual Report of the Salvation Army’s International Development Office.

Can I determine the donation amount and the length of my themed sponsorship myself?

You can end or modify your sponsorship at any time. Just let us know by email or telephone. You can also determine the amount and frequency of your donations for each individual themed sponsorship.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, your donation to the Salvation Army is tax deductible. You will receive a donation receipt for the tax authorities at the beginning of each year. Would you prefer not to receive a donation receipt? Let us know by email or telephone.

How do I pay for my sponsorship?

When you sign up for one or more sponsorships you can choose how you would like to pay. For the first payment, you can order a payment form by post. You can also pay using online banking. If you would like to order more payment forms, please contact our Donations Service.

Do you have any other questions?

Get in touch with our Donations Service:

Stiftung Heilsarmee Schweiz
Laupenstrasse 5
3008 Bern

Telephone: +41 (0)31 388 05 35

You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 8am and midday and 1.30pm and 5pm.

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Let's talk about money....

We consider it vital to be transparent and use our funding efficiently. After all, you are trusting us with your money and want your support to help make a change.

  • I donate 100 francs. How much of that actually goes to the cause? If you donate CHF 100, CHF 84 will flow into our projects. To put that in perspective, at least 65% of funding must flow into a project to secure ZEWO certification in Switzer-land. We meet this requirement, which means we’re ZEWO certified.
  • What are the expenses for salaries and fundraising? We spend 9.5% on salaries and 6.5% on infrastructure and fundraising. These proportions can vary from year to year. The more we are able to directly invest in a project, the lower the per-centage for expenditures becomes.

Collaboration with foundations, public bodies, and companies

We work with foundations, public institutions and companies. Would your foundation like to support a specific international cooperation project? Is your company thinking about corporate social responsibility or philanthropy? We’d be delighted to get in touch and explain the options for a collaboration. You can get in contact using the following form.

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Yes, I would like to become a sponsor

Many thanks for your interest in taking on a themed sponsorship! You will find the application form below. We will get in touch as soon as we hear from you.

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